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We can ship our Fuse only via USPS Parcel Post Surface mail only!!
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We can ship only to the lower 48 states. We cannot ship to Alaska & Hawaii.

Definitions From

Visco fuse is required for all consumer fireworks. It is the fuse that, most commonly in green, is found as a twisted, coated, strand. It can also be used to create delays in the rate of firing multiple fireworks linked together. It is a cord with a black powder core. There are three layers to the visco fuse. First one layer of string is wound around the core, then a second, less tight layer of string is wound in the opposite direction to prevent unraveling. The last layer is a low-nitrate nitrocellulose lacquer. The last layer is to water-proof the strand and to prevent it from falling apart.

Cannon Fuse is a visco fuse that is most often thicker, steadier burning, and is coated to be more water-proof. Most cannon fuses of high quality can burn while under water. Cannon fuse is normally green or red in color. When using anything with a fuse, remember that it can't be put out.

Fast burn visco, or Wasaq fuse, is most commonly yellow with burn rates of .6 to 3 seconds per foot, depending on manufacturer. It is used for short delays, or in 'fuse mines'.

Time fuse is thick type of fuse. Comprised of multiple layers of twine, paper, and asphalt make it nearly impossible to ignite from the outside or even from an end, since the asphalt often melts and seals it off before the powder can ignite. Shell makers must cut into it and insert a short piece of cross match to ignite the time fuse's powder core. It provides a timed delay which can be controlled by its length. It ignites the burst charge or similar at a determined apogee in a shells flight. It normally burns at a rate of 3 seconds per inch.