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Painting With Glow Powder

Choosing a Paint:

1The powders are almost clear in the daylight. They will tend to show a slight pale yellow tinge due to pigments suspended throughout. (exeptions are Zinc orange, red yellow, and pink...which show as those colors in the daylight!)

You may choose any brand paint or top coat, but as long as it is thick and clear. Any color to the paint will mask the glow.

*Clear & thick:
*No UV Filer
*Use any enamel based, acrylic based, urethane lacquer
Examples: MinWax Polyurethane or Polyacrylic.
1Work with a blacklight

How to Mix Paint and  Glow Powder:

It is best to add paint to powder, and not the other way around. This way you can stop when desire glow effect is achieved. We recommend starting at 10%, and may go as high as 50% (pigment by weight). Powders do not dissolve in medium, but will suspend in it. They must be mixed well before use.

*10-50% Powder
*Stir well or shake Vigorously.
To minimize settling, use a viscous vehicle or anti-settling agents. Stir well prior to application, process small batches at a time.

*Use anti-settling agents if working with large quantities


Apply to a white or light background for best effect. A dark or black background will reduce glow.

Several layers will increase glow intensity.The thicker (to a point) the layer of Glow Powder will produce longer and brighter luminosity.

Our glow products have a shelf life of 10 years. This means that it can be re-charged by exposure to light over and over again. They will last longer indoors(5-7yr) than outdoors(3-5yr).

You can increase the lifespan of the product, by applying additional protection, on the glow surfaces. We recommend applying a clear acrylic overcoat to protect powders from moisture and the environment. (Gloss Epoxy Protector)

How Much Glow Powder to add:

For smaller amounts add 1/2oz powder to 1oz paint. ADD Paint to powder and not the other way around! You can make stencils simply by cutting out shapes from paper or cardboard. Apply with a small brush, roller, airbrush, cotton swab on stick or sponge.


( for maximum glow)1oz - 14gm pigment
1 Pint - 1/2lb pigment
1 Quart - 1 llb pigment
1 Gallon - 2 lb pigment

To improve the glow effect, apply a white base coat under the photoluminescence layer. If the paint is clear, you will obtain a brighter glow. Kids will have fun helping and everyone will enjoy the magic of turning out the lights once the paint dries.